Read more, scroll less.

The internet is full of great content. Unfortunately, it’s also full of distractions. Open tabs are everywhere and our ‘read-later’ list just grows longer. At Offline, we want you to be able to take time to digest and focus on that great content, in peace. Every two weeks, we take your saved articles, produce a beautiful, personalised publication, and deliver it straight to your front door.

Curated by you, crafted by us

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    Send us your articles
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    Wait for your bespoke issue to arrive
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    Disconnect, and enjoy!

We want what’s best for the environment too

As great as it is to read on paper, it is not a complete experience if you have guilt on your conscience. At Offline, we feel strongly about minimising our impact on the environment. That’s why we are working with a printing partner whose services are entirely carbon-neutral. From using vegetable ink on paper that is recyclable and bio-degradable to offsetting carbon emissions from our deliveries, we are working hard to ensure that our operations are sustainable.